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 Elementary Education
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  Supervisors coordinate over 3 semesters
Elementary Education clinical supervisors who coordinate over three semesters to make the portfolio a tool for reflection on growth by shaping practicum and student teaching seminars around a goal oriented process similar to that used for the state in-service licensure process. The three semesters progress from supervisor-structured activities to student-guided process.

  3rd Semester Practicum
  • 3rd Semester Practicum - Third semester of the five-semester Elementary Education sequence marks a transition, as students become more responsible for creating professional growth situations. This site provides information on the third semester e-portfolio context as well as The Professional Goals Project, its principal assignment, which has been under development for over six semesters. It continually feeds off ranging student feedback as well as supervisor input.

      4th Seminar Practicum
  • Seminar Activities: Elissa Jones - The central issue in the portfolio is the student's ability to assume responsibility for their own professional development (continuing the work from 3rd semester) in partnership with their instructors, supervisors, and fellow students. Elissa Jones writes about her work with students to understand and take on this process

  • Student Example: 4th Sem. Goals Page - Audio Section: In this clip, I am working on guided reading with one of my students. I was helping the student read a book about penguins. Throughout the clip, listen to the way I pose questions and reward for good work. Also take note of my enthusiasm and interest in the subject. Video section: The piece I selected to discuss from my lesson, Moving throughout the Solar System, is short, but it tells a lot about me as a learner and a teacher. This clip is the transition between the two activities I had planned for the day. ... Before this section of the lesson, the students were orbiting and acting like the Sun, Moon and Earth. After this brief lecture, students were actively engaged in moving as though they were on the three diffe

  • Student Example-Classroom Management - "The purpose is to show an instance in which I am working towards my semester goal/focus: using multiple forms of classroom management skills."

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