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EPCS Information Card:

Providing EPCS with Contact and Degree Information

This page tells you how to complete the EPCS Information Card. This information provides EPCS with your most current contact information for referral services to employers and enables EPCS to track current graduates and students for reporting purposes.

As a new EPCS On-Line user, you will be asked to complete the EPCS Information Card.

Part 1 requires you to provide personal information for the EPCS database.

  • Provide your name, Student ID, and email address will be listed.
  • Complete current personal contact information: address, city, state, zip and phone (using form 608-262-1755).
  • If you have permanent contact information, complete that information.
  • Indicate yes or no to the question of do you have or expect a UW-Madison degree.
  • Indicate if you've previously registered with EPCS.
  • Indicate the type of position you are/will be seeking.

    Check your information, if all information is correct, click Go to Part 2 . Edit information by clicking the mouse on the specific space or click Clear Page.

Part 2 requests information on your academic background.

  • If you have or anticipate a UW-Madison degree from the School of Education, in section 4:
    • Indicate which degree type you have or anticipate: BS and Certification; Bachelors degree; Master/MFA; Doctorate
    • Complete the requested information on major of study, and the month and year your degree was received or expected

  • If you do not have or anticipate a degree from the UW-Madison School of Education:
    • In Section 4a, indicate your qualifiying affiliation with the school: anticipating a School of Education certification; 12 post-baccalaureate special student credits; or, a minimum of nine graduate credits from the UW Madison School of Education
    • In Section 4b, complete the information requested regarding your academic background: highest degree; major; date received; and the name of the institution.

  • Indicate if you have registered with our office, or if you had references sent to our office.
  • Complete the information requested regarding the type of position you are seeking. If you are not seeking a position in education, list non-school and higher ed for the level.

    After checking your entries, if the information appears correctly, select Done!. Select Clear Page if you would like to make any changes.

The system will then indicate that your information card has been submitted for processing. You can expect to receive a notice via email when complete. Click on the Services Menu to continue in the EPCS On-line system.